Every tattoo is a work of art from traditional styles to groundbreaking work in New School style.

Housed in a landmark St. Marks St. in the heart of New York City, the Smoking tattoos offers a tattoo experience like none other. Our elite roster of resident and guest artists bring an extraordinary amount of talent to the table.



Sleeves Tattoo Designs for Hot Women 2012 Latest

Charlie Page is a American tattoo artist, model, illustrator, and actress.



Envy’s artistic roots began in the Bronx with an innovative style of graffiti, but they developed over 18 years as a tattooer into a complex and refined style of tattooing. whether your interested in something small and simple, or vast and extraordinarily complicated, the end result is always a testament to his methodical approach, and thoughtful attention to detail.

patrick martinez


Patrick Martinez is an American tattoo artist. He was featured in the reality television show Miami Ink.

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You must be 18+ to get a tattoo, piercing or, purchase a smoking accessories. Ask can we handle a certain subject matter and which artist is up to the task. Good for challenging tattoos or coverups.

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