In Tattoo

Help build a permanent home for tattoo history in New York City, the birthplace of modern American tattooing.

Thank you!!!

We did it! YOU did it! You guys are amazing. What a crazy ride this has been we are so excited and grateful.

Monday we will be sending you all… Read more

Successfully raised $36,111 USD with 364 backers


And we still have 10 more hours. All the people, all the support, we are so honored that you believe in us and care about this history as much as… Read more

Twelve Hours to go!

You guys are amazing!!!! I can’t believe the huge out pouring of support we’ve gotten. Brad and I are so humbled by all the kind words and enthusiasm for this… Read more

Half Way There

We hit our 50% mark last night! We’ve come a long way with over $15,000 pledged. We are so grateful to everyone who has jumped in already. We have a…Read more


Hey Everyone!

We are about halfway through our Kickstarter drive and have gotten some more great press! We are so happy and humbled by the response to the museum. Now… Read more

Thank You! +Special reward added

We are so overwhelmed by all of the support from everybody we wanted to send out a thank you to everyone. We’re off to an amazing start and had a…Read more



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